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          Machining and Manufacturing has become an important pillar industry of Ma'anshan Industry
                In recent years, around building "four centers" and "one chain, one base and four parks", our city has seized the opportunity of national industrial policy, conformed to the development trend of industrial technology at home and abroad, highlighted technological transformation and innovation, vigorously developed machinery manufacturing industries such as transportation, metallurgical mines and special equipment, and promoted heavy truck special vehicles and zero. Components, wheels, complete sets of metallurgical calendering equipment and main products such as Bowang blade die and machine tools have formed strong market competitiveness. At present, the mechanical processing manufacturing industry has grown into an important pillar industry for the development of industrial economy in our city.

                Strong growth rate of key enterprises

                The stable production, operation and sales of key enterprises have promoted the stable operation of the whole industry of mechanical processing and manufacturing in our city, especially the strong growth of some enterprises, such as Hualing Star Horse [-0.57% Funds Research] Group, which realized 5.054 billion yuan of output value in January-June, an increase of 96.2% over the same period of last year, and realized 5.181 billion yuan of sales revenue, an increase of 106.5% over the same period of last year. In the first half of the year, Greider completed 490 million yuan of output value, an increase of 97.5% over the previous year, and realized 370 million yuan of sales revenue, an increase of 67.3% over the previous year.

                It is understood that in the first half of this year, the total output value of the key enterprises in 62 mechanical industries in our city reached 8.598 billion yuan, an increase of 49.3% over the same period of last year. Among them, transportation equipment manufacturing industry increased 81.9%, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry increased 42%, general and special equipment manufacturing industry increased 12.2%, and metal products industry increased 5.6%.

                Independent Innovation "Filing" Industry Competitiveness

                The competitiveness of the industry comes from the quality of products, and the improvement of quality depends on the application of high-tech. To this end, our city will further enhance the competitiveness of the machinery processing manufacturing industry by supporting traditional industries such as automobile manufacturing, metal products and other advantages to accelerate the use of high-tech and advanced practical technology transformation and upgrading. It is reported that from 2007 to 2012, 28 enterprises in our city passed the appraisal of provincial recognized enterprise technology center. Among them, 7 mechanical enterprises such as Jingtian Hydraulic Company were recognized as provincial joint demonstration enterprises, 7 enterprises such as Hualing Xingma and Taier Heavy Industries [2.78% Funds Research] were identified as provincial independent innovation brand demonstration enterprises, and 21 were identified as provincial independent innovation brand demonstration enterprises. Industrial products have passed the provincial evaluation and appraisal of new products. A number of key projects have been started and put into operation. The economic development of machinery industry has increased significantly.

                At the same time, our city supports the accelerated development of key key mechanical enterprises, and carefully cultivates a number of leading industries, high-tech products, strong core competitiveness of the "Little Giant" enterprises. In addition, it also guides the growth-oriented machinery manufacturing enterprises to take the road of "specialization, specialization and innovation" characteristic development, and speeds up becoming the new force and important support for industrial development.

                Clusters Develop and Strengthen Advantageous Leading Industries

                In recent years, our city has focused on extending the development of iron-based new materials and high-tech industrial clusters, cultivating and expanding the dominant leading industries such as automobile manufacturing. We have issued a series of documents, such as "Maanshan Industrial Enterprise Upgrading Action Plan (2010-2015)" and "Maanshan City Construction"6653"Modern Industrial System Planning (2010-2015)". From the industrial layout, industrial development, policy support and other aspects, we will focus on accelerating the development of machinery manufacturing industry.

                At present, the automobile manufacturing industry in our city has formed a strong R&D and manufacturing capacity of heavy trucks, special vehicles, minicars, new energy and clean energy vehicles based on Hualing Heavy Truck, Xingma Automobile, Yuan Automobile and other leading enterprises, and has relied on Fujian Car Bridge, Hyde Machinery, brilliant Machinery and other enterprises. The matching ability of key basic parts of automobiles has been significantly enhanced. The bulk cement truck and concrete mixing truck of Anhui Xingma Automobile Co., Ltd. are well-known brands in the market and occupy the leading position of similar products in China. Compressed garbage truck, concrete pump truck, heavy dump truck, truck crane and other products have a high reputation in North China and South China market. High-end equipment [0.39%] manufacturing industry has advantages in metallurgical equipment, rail transit equipment, construction machinery, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources equipment, basic components and other aspects, representing enterprises such as Ma Steel Heavy Machinery, China Metallurgical Huatian, Taier Heavy Industries, tremendous hydraulic hammer, Greider and so on.




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